Get professional support without appointments - anytime, anywhere.
Proven, Science-Backed Techniques
Emotions don't wait for appointments.  

Precipeace helps you feel better now and creates lasting happiness from the inside out via our powerful solution-focused support and guidance on our convenient and affordable platform. 

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How Precipeace Works
Step #1
We first help you identify the thoughts and habits that are keeping you stuck, uncover the identity that you aspire to be, and craft a roadmap to get what you want in life from the comfort and privacy of your home.
Step #2
Receive private one-on-one training, support and guidance from our empathetic and experienced wellness professionals who will help you break your barriers holding you back from the inside out. 
Step #3
Better Outcomes
See yourself in a new light and become the person you have always wanted to be as you plan, track and experience things that bring you joy and happiness with your new identity and thought training. 
Anytime, Anywhere

Precipeace puts you into the driver seat of your life by providing you with all the tools, support and training you need on demand.

Our experienced wellness professionals called Mentors, are trained to apply our solution focused method to help you achieve the results you want. Access our entire program though the comfort of your mobile, computer, or tablet device.
Experienced and skilled wellness professionals at your fingertips.
"Working alongside clients in the process of self-discovery and challenging negative thoughts gives me an opportunity to witness growth and creativity. 

Nothing is more satisfying than to see positive changes put into action. I admire the work clients put into their interactions with me as a Mentor!"
- Casey Shank, LPCC | Precipeace Mentor
Start Your Journey To A Happier & Healthier Life 
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Precipeace is the first transformational online program that effectively and conveniently guides and supports you towards controlling your mind to achieve the desires you want in your life.  

Establish and cultivate the identity that drives the activities that lead to experiences that leads to lasting happiness.  There is no need to schedule or wait for an appointment, get access to the tools and support that helps you get results anytime, anywhere.
Real People, Real Results
"For the first time in years, I finally feel like myself again. I'm once again, pursuing a career and relationships I feel passionate about, taking care of my body, and doing activities that are important to me!"
"As a working mom, I was always angry, stressed and on edge. I never got to spend meaningful time with my husband or children. Precipeace helped me stop the downward spiral and confront my fears by planning small actionable steps. Now everything seems possible! "
"I decided to give Precipeace a try after I found myself getting stressed and angry at work which then carried over to home life. Caralyn was compassionate, professional and full of insight in helping me break down my goals and create a plan of action."

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