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This free blueprint outlines the 3 foundational techniques to bring more inner calm, stillness, and peace into your life - and is responsible for helping thousands of people start their journey towards a better tomorrow, starting today.
Sarah - Dealt With Anxiety
“As a working mom, I was always stressed, angry, and on edge. Worst of all, I brought the negative baggage home with me, and ended up feeling even more depressed. My mentor showed me how to address my thoughts and now I’ve gotten my confidence back. Its completely changed the way I approach the work I do each and every day.”
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What You Will Learn Inside 
"The Happiness Blueprint"

The Essential Ingredients

The 3 powerful techniques you can apply immediately to identify, interrupt and change unhealthy thought patterns that affect how you feel in your day to day life.

How To Manifest Happiness

We'll show you the fundamental ratio of positive and negative thoughts you need to maintain to greatly improve your overall wellbeing.

The Key to Lasting Results

Setting and staying motivated in moving towards your goals is never an easy task. We'll show you how to break common destrutive thoughts so you can start feeling better from the inside out.

Hi, I'm Justin Wong, Founder of Precipeace, and we help people from all corners of the globe combat the happiness-robbing thoughts that lead to emotional, physical, and behavioral pain to create a more desirable and healthier life.

I do this through Precipeace, the first online, transformational program that conveniently teaches, guides, and supports people to achieve the happiness and fulfillment that they want.

The Happiness Blueprint, (the 3 fundamental principles of happiness) has been responsible for helping thousands of people understand and control varying levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

With our Blueprint, you eliminate all the guesswork, arming yourself with the knowledge to turn common, negative thoughts into actions that lead to happier outcomes and a more desirable future.

The Happiness Blueprint is a must have if you desire real change!

“As a working mom, I was always feeling stressed, angry, and on edge. Worst of all, I brought the negative baggage home with me and I ended up feeling even more depressed. The Happiness Blueprint showed me how to tackle my common, recurring negative thoughts with easy to follow techniques that helped me get my confidence back. It has completely changed the way I approach living life each and every day.”

Discover The Hidden Areas Keeping You From Feeling Better
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